I am always in need of extra support for the crazy things that I do. I spend a tremendous amount of time trying to entertain other people in ways that don't necessarily have paychecks associated with them. While I'd still do all these things without pay, it is certainly helpful for a father of three to get some extra help so he can prioritize creativity even when times are tough. Anything you can offer is appreciated.

Here are some ways you can support what I'm doing, both with and without financial costs:


Patreon is my preferred platform for receiving support. Almost all donations go directly to me, and it provides you tools for doing regular support for almost any amount. This is a tool designed specifically for helping creators keep creating, and I am a big fan of their work.


Streamlabs is the tool I use to manage my backstage mechanics for my streams. They have a built-in donation tool where you can donate to me directly. Almost all the donations go directly to me, and it announces that donation during my stream if I am live at the time. This is a tool good for singular donations, and it will be collected together for my donation goal in my streams.

Subscribe on Mixer:

I am an active partnered streamer on Mixer, and I get revenue from my monthly channel subscribers. It's about $6 to subscribe, and I get about 50% of that amount. This gives you certain perks within the channel, and I get benefits from having more subscribers. If you are an active Mixer user, this is a good way to support if you don't want to do the previous options.

Use Embers on Mixer:

Mixer also has a platform currency (Embers) that you purchase on the site. Whenever you use effects that cost embers, you are supporting my channel with an actual payout.  Embers are paid out about 45 days after they are used. Mixer increases the ember payout if there is a high spark usage in their channel. So even if you have no money to spare for support, you can always use sparks in my stream and help increase the amount I earn for each ember. 

Affiliate Links:

Epic Support-A-Creator:

If you make any purchases through the Epic Store, then you can use the code "WesWilson" to ensure a portion of purchase goes to me. This works for anything from Fortnite Vbucks to games within the Epic Store. Please feel free to share this with whoever you know that spends money there. This isn't going to be a large payout, but it's painless and free for those who are already making purchases.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription:

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you can use the code "WesWilson" to ensure a small commission goes to me. Follow the link for more details!

Humble Partner:

Humble often requires that you link directly to individual products in order to actually support your chosen Partner.  But if you follow the link above, your purchase should be credited as being from my referral.  I heartily recommend Humble Monthly, as it's a great way to get a lot of fantastic games for very little money.

Streamlabs Affiliate:

I get a small commission if you start using Streamlabs OBS.  I've used them since release and heartily recommend it!  It combines most of the important features you'd empower your stream, including on-screen announcements, donation tech, and merch store options!  I can't recommend this product enough for those looking to improve and simplify their streaming tools.