I have a nasty habit of getting involved in all the interesting projects my friends are involved with.  Here are a few of the things I am, or were recently, working on!


I am currently working as a project coordinator for Mindcrack.  Mindcrack is a group of 25 youtubers that range in popularity from a few thousand subscribers to 2 million. Our community is very active, and we have one of the most active subreddits on the site.  I assist the founder, Guude, with whatever projects he thinks would be beneficial for the group.  In addition to helping coordinate public appearances, I am working to build additional revenue streams and seek out additional ways to promote the group.  

The members of Mindcrack play on a private, white-listed Minecraft server.  They record their exploits during gameplay sessions and publish them to viewers on YouTube. This is provided alongside various side projects involving either sessions played alone or with varying numbers of other players - both from within and outside the MindCrack community.  Most of the Mindcrack members are also recording and publishing their playthroughs of other games, but the center of the group revolves around Minecraft.



In addition to working with Mindcrack, I also help run PlayMindcrack, a public Minecraft server with specially designed games for and by Mindcrack members.

I helped build the moderation team, and run the support team that handles bans and appeals for users who break the rules.  This is a surprisingly time-consuming venture, especially when you're determined never to work without absolute evidence ofactual hacking.





I am also an owner and Director of Programming for Play On Con.  Play On Con is a 4-day family-friendly convention in Birmingham, Alabama.  We have three pillars for our convention: Programming, Parties, and Gaming.  We feel like everything in life is worth having fun with, and we seek to make everything at Play On Con an experience unlike any other.

Recently, we've moved Play On Con to an actual summer camp, so in addition to the gaming, show, concert and parties, you can go canoeing, get in some archery, and share some campfire ghost stories late at night.  I think EVERYONE should know what it's like to share a weekend with some amazing and freethinking individuals who know how to share their weirdness in gratuitous and unnecessary ways.  Come join us.